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Hogs and Heffers:10.09.01

Hogs and Heffers is a “HARD”-core haven for Ironworkers fresh off ground zero. This place may be located in the newly expanding Chelsea gallery district, but don’t even try to walk in there with your chinos on. Local 40 has been holding it down at Hogs and Heffers for years now.

They’ll show you a good time


show you the door.

Women are a serious minority in this bar where even Julia Roberts and Gwenth Paltrow have torn off their brassier and graced the very bar these barely legal bar maids tend. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Buds are popular with this classic country juke joint. Grab a brew and climb aboard to meet the insiders just outside of the Chelsea arts district.

Since finding good art in a gallery is a challenge these days, we need to look outside of the expected, to find the avante garde. The excitement in our lives will come from the new, the out of the ordinaire that is America.

“After a long day of looking at art in Chelsea, I always head over to the meat packing district to grab a PBR and watch the little girls dance on the bar. That’s the ‘American Dream,’ little girls.” Stanley Plastard.

by Kate Sullivan

The American dive bar is far from extinct in New York City. In this time of revelry and patriotism there are still plenty of places to look at art in close proximity of strong spirits.

Bring out your newly purchased cycle and drop a big tip for the scantily clad two-stepper behind the bar in this filthy tavern, located on 13th Street and Greenwich avenue.


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