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Finding art in a museum:Giacometti

Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love, but always meeting ourselves.--Joyce

The rest is coincidence. I was first introduced to Giacometti when I was 17 in an art class at a suburban Philadelphia highschool with an encouraging-inspiring teacher, free will and loads of reference material including a book on Giacommetti presenting him mainly as a sculptor. I painted landscapes with watercolor in Penn's woods stoned on life, while weather permitted and otherwise read these books for inspiration.

I met him in a book and years later I ran into him at the Museum of Modern Art [MOMA] in New York.

I went to the Free Friday [Pay what you wish rather] at the Moma the weekend of the New York Marathon and met my cohert Maegan out front to find she had already paid 3 cents to get two tickets thinking perhaps her boyfriend would come, I called and appeared at the Museum after a long dry day at the Donald Heald gallery and a bus ride.

The show, studded with sculptures, offered great insight into Giacommetti's use of other media. His drawings, although vaguely familiar, are by far the most compelling part of the exhibition. One drawing particularly sticks out in mind boasting erasing tears on the page this personally applied paper damage separates Giacometti from todays slick art rendering trend. Giacometti's use of strong emotional stroke, intense layering and manipulation makes a viewer feel the artists presence in the works, after all you are looking at them in a crowded museum full of the classless loafers, starving artists and/or sorry saps that didn't realize it was pay what you wish.

by Kate Sullivan


Definately worth a gander; the show is definately not pop but it is indeed a major influence on Modern concepts of sculpture and our response to it is so pop:

This show inspired Maegan and myself to draw asses of art seers. Asses seem to be a solid subject and we decided that we could sit in the museum and draw people as they looked at the art, for example-

11/10/01 at 6:09pm man looking at Large Head of Diego at Moma second floor, left off of escalator rear violation. -Drawing by Maegan Dolan 2001

Some Day you may see your ass-for-sale. Check out the Moma site for more information on Alberto Giacometti, and look out for more from Kate Sullivan.

* We rode the 6 downtown and met a woman who was lovely and at the same time very scary leather faced x-wife who after seeing a smirnoff bottle roll across the train informed us of her x-husbands downfalls including his drinking problem, she continued to mention her recent run into anthrax at the New York Eyes Nose and Throat hospital, she is frank with us because obviously she has spent as much on her face as i have on my private education, she was panicked and heading for her home in St.Martin...we'll see.

** The next day accompanied by a bag of lobsters 3 bottles of red and a feast I never made it home after Playing Tony Hawk and high jacking beers at a "Skater Party" and I woke in my Softball team's captain's apartment with a cohert Claire and a bad taste in my mouth only to witness the marathon as walked home along Wythe Avenue on a glorious day in Brooklyn sun a shining and I am home. The runner broke his foot. Beyond Belief.

Known mainly for his "gaunt" figures, Giacommetti's MOMA show also presents several busts, one narrow dipiction some with holes in the back of their heads, bronze is not cheap, this made me wonder about his personal life and ability to finance his madness. Turns out his family seemingly inbreed and well off from the Alps supported his habits and had him apprentice with another Giacommetti, whom was in his day well revered.

Annette with Chariot.1950

Art History aside by today's standards Maegan and I are authoritities hugely appreciative of great art, and good coffee. After the museum tour we ventured east in Midtown to an Italian restaurant to meet with my mother, an Aloe salesman, a marathon runner and his new girl friend. They were just finishing their dinner and maintaining conversation. We made it just in time for fine dessert and an espresso. So jacked up on espresso.*

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