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Ruben Valdez - Headshot


We see objects every day, understand and recognize them, and as such give no consideration to their symbolic value. What symbolism is there in a seashell or a marble, after all? We see objects with our minds, and our minds treat things logically because that is the fashion in which life is viewed.

When an artist sees an object, however, he sees first with his heart before his mind, delving into the essence and symbolism in every object. His hands then work what his heart perceives, through painting, or construction, or drawing, into something that can be seen with nothing else than the heart. Each object, when taken out of its place, has a symbolic value that only the most talented artists can bring out in a way that defies the boundaries of reality as we normally see it. It is that quality of an artists work; His ability to influence and affect each person in a radically different way, that defines him and sets him apart, and above, many of his contemporaries.


As seen in The NY Post 
Friday July 24th, 1998

Hard sell
"...Former model and Max trader Ruben Valdez just opened his own gallery, Valdez Fine Arts, on East 46th Street, and to promote it he's sending around postcards with himself nude on the front and the gallery address on the back. Valdez has apparently mailed out a couple thousand of the cards to perspective clients..."


More Modeling Photos of Ruben Valdez

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Ruben Valdez's Road Sign Pop Art

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