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Mission Statement

        It has always been a quest, a search, and a sojourn into the human soul to bring forth art; a journey into the innermost depths of the human spirit, and one which many fail to complete, and more fail to understand.

While many who would call themselves artists feel content with the simple observation of life and the casual renderings thereof, few manage to delve into their souls. It is a journey all at once frightening and exciting, wondrous and terrifying, for its mysteries aren't so easily understood or transmutable into artwork. It is the power of the human mind and spirit to make visible that which the soul conceals from sight, bringing it into the world in a way that can pierce the boundaries of reality.

It is something all at once beautiful and magnificent to see the culmination of an artist's inner strength.

Such an experience can be found within the works of Pop Portraits.com


Press Coverge


October 2002 issue
Italian Elle Magazine

Read the article, "Ritratti Dell'Anima" loosely translated to
"Take Back your Soul." Written by Loretta Bricchi Lee about contemporary Portrait Art.


Since When?
Ned Vizzini
Volume 14, Issue 19
May 9th 2001

You probably think you know all about Hulbert Waldroup, the doo-rag-wearing, thuggish-looking fellow responsible for the Amadou Diallo mural that recently went up in the Bronx. Waldroup’s mural, which depicted the four cops who shot Diallo in Ku Klux Klan hoods, has appeared many times in the Post and the Daily News, usually with the artist himself crouching in front of it, comically urban and menacing. Waldroup is rarely quoted, and that’s too bad...

... If you want to see it. More of Waldroup’s work is viewable at www.popportraits.com, where you can test his "capable artistry" by commissioning one of his portraits.

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