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1. Before Flight / Briefing

Through the painting I mean to create an alternative universe inhabited with characters, models and expressions imported from an artificial reality generated by the media, and to explore the unforeseeable emotional tensions provoked in them by the unreal context in which they are cast and which forces them to acquire an originally undesired auto-conscience. I assimilate everything I happen to see selecting and analyzing the beauty "canon" in a over-lighted world governed by all sort of images and fantasies, that make at the end the originality trivial. Behind each work there is a project that often begins with a word-sound or an image-vision where the research of the expression is constant: the meeting may occur occasionally, captured by a digital photo-camera or elaborated through the inexhaustible daily flow of all kinds of transmissions, in which the apparently fortuitous combinations of images that "overlap" outlines the profile of impossible surrondings and relations between objects and characters. Chasing or not literary and movie suggestions, I' m interested in inventing and rebuilding through imagination other versions of things and people conferring to them a new semantic capacity and placing them in what I call a "reality-set ", a condition between reality and imagination, where search for beauty is constant, an utopic ideal through which I express the idea of the existence of immortality, since death exist only in reality. A form of communication that remains suspended in an intermediate phase: a scenary that may offer a wide spectrum of possibilities in which to identify oneself.

2. On The Ground

The accuracy of the line is fundamental and it is directly expressed in the drawing on wood panel. In this way my paintings are born twice: the first at the end of the grafite and the eraser work, the second time weighting colors lights and shadows, dimming and nuances that enrich the natural weft but sometimes leaving it's venation perceivable.

(translated from the art magazine ARTE MONDADORI)

Fifth Element.
Looking for missing beauty.
by Beba Marsano - critic and curator

Annamaria Centola brews from media. A perfection unknown in nature. Sensuous Idols from fashon images. They are stolen from the cinema, the advertisement, glossy pages of fashion magazines, from the actual jet-set. The one whose divas were Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Mysterious and famorous girls like whom Annamaria Centola portrays. They wear glasses with big round frames, similar to those warn by Jackie. As the artist did with Grace who was the classical ante-litteram, rich and famous star . Of Marlene they have the restless and deep glance, a little allusive, full of promises and daring. A glance that gradually, gives away a cheerful and catchy laughter. About these girls communicate only through their details: lips, drawn eyebrows, polished nails, mascara glances or often disguised under thick sun glasses. Centola (1966, Rome, Italy) makes her womanly universe as a visual, creative art, associated to single movie frames, close up realistic-set where even triptiychs have the trend of a sequence plan. It's an art work which proposes hyperrealism, and its own over-magnified details. A highly "fashion" painting which takes nurishment from media images and from cover-like beauty. However it's not a decorative painting. These young women aren't satisfied to be Idols. They are something more. Through their face and gesture actractive power, theire radiant, and contagious sensuousness are indeed The Fifth Element, The Fifth Season. In other words what the world lacked to be perfect.

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Climb Sequence
Cue 2
Eat The Corn
J-Day Doll




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Annamaria Centola
was born in Rome in 1966.
She lives and works in
Cerveteri (Rome).

selected exhibitions:

1997/1998 "Palazzo Ruspoli", Cerveteri (Rome)
"Palazzo Borghese", Mentana (Rome)
"Arteroma97" Art Fair - Rome
"Minimal", turistic harbour Riva di Traiano (Rome)
1998/1999 Galleria "La Colomba Arte", Latina
"Abarabal Project", http://www.abarabal.com/
"ARTE'98-Award" - Giorgio Mondadori Editore - Milan Galleria
"En Plein Air" - Pinerolo (Turin)
1999/2000 "XI Camposauro Award"- curator Simona Barucco (BN)
"CRASH" - Crossing Art Club - curator Boris Brollo - Portogruaro (Venice)
"Modern Art Agency" Casier (TV)
2000/2001 Trevi Flash Art Museum - curators Giancarlo Politi and Pio Monti - Trevi (Perugia)
"Galeria Minimal", Oporto - Portugal
"Castello Visconteo" - Pavia "Galleria Annovi", Sassuolo (Modena)
"San Gregorio Art Gallery", Venezia

If you are interested in any of Ms. Centola's works please contact us.
Works denoted with a '*' are available to purchase.

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